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Royal Summerballet 2014. Open-Air, Munkebo, Fyn

Royal Summerballet 2014

A few years ago, the Royal Danish Ballet started to tour around the country, performing for the people – especially people normally not visiting the Theater – to watch Ballet. The locations are chosen randomly every year, they do not have static locations places to perform their excellent show. This year, among other places,  they visited Munkebo Hill, one of few Hills on Funen from where much of the region can be over viewed, especially the “Munkebo Fjord”. The Royal Summerballet 2014.

Official Program for the Royal Summerballet 2014

The show, and the whole event was of an outspoken unique class, that kind that is not to be forgotten so quickly. An event that you do not see many of, one almost perfect in its entirety.

During the whole week the weather has been warm and sunny. This did not seem to change for the days to come. The sun on it’s way to be set, leaving the whole scenery bathed in the warmest, softest light one can imaging. It was a line-up to an unforgettably beautiful, almost breathtaking experience: Munkebo Bakke is a south-southeast situated hill, alternately covered by bushes and meadows. The open scene for the show stood on the big meadow, a couple of hundred meters from the hilltop, where it could be viewed from everywhere.

The editor has no competence to judge the ballet performances and intends to leave it to the viewer to form a verdict. But no doubt: This was a performance of undoubted outstanding quality. The pictures must convey what every individual spectator was partake of: The warmth and shallow light of an early summer evening, the summery colors and the contrast of a ballet performance in natural surroundings. Two things that normally are enjoyed separately from each other. Everything seems so easy and light, only true professionalism can deliver this illusion.

Warm Up

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Die Kameliendame

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