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Twothousandandseventeen Titlesheet Collage. December 2017


Traditionally, at the beginning of every year, this site publishes a “Best Of” compilation with last years photos. Due to many reasons, 2017 has not been a year filled with sublime photographic work. It has been a year  leaving less space for photography in exchange for other [enjoyable] content. This time with slightly less material than last year. In stead, we chose photos with personal relations, photos with significance to Twothousandandseventeen”.

As in other years, some of the months are covered with up to several photos. Some again by none, reflecting the respective, photograpic activity that month. “One month – one photo” does not apply in this post. However, since the editors method of choosing is not solely guided by technical criteria’s, but also by emotional aspects. So do not strictly expect masterpieces. Enjoy.


On the road one cold and quiet winter night. The target: The newly opened public bath, put right into one of the old quay’s in Odense harbor. The artificial island and the construction site behind it, are reflected by the quiet water. At daytime, this place is crowded with people winter bathing in the cold water. A trend, getting more and more followers.

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In the winter, the local zoo attracts visitors by holding “Lysaftener” – Light Evenings. Zoo by Night. All installations are setup and decorated with colored lights, while the animals seem to be a welcoming the nocturnal activity. Especially since some of them are quite active at night as well. However, it is very difficult to shoot photos of photograph animals in the dark, which is why there are no cool snapshots from live animals included in this compilation. Instead, we found a peaceful squid, painted on a wall inside the zoo’s aquarium.

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When weather conditions are less advantageous, the bored photographer must resort to unconventional methods in order to shoot some images. For example, reconfiguring his cellar into a studio and photographing all objects in his way.

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Springtime coming up, everything begins to cover in light and colors. First excursions, longer days,  fair  weather, sunlight and warmth.

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Some of this years most significat photos were shot this month. A new trip to Copenhagen to visit Denmarks National Aquarium, “The Blue Planet” resulted in “Blue Lines”. A visit to “Europes Cultural Captial 2017“, Aarhus, led us to the ARoS Museum of Art and the exceptional artwork “Your Rainbow Panorama” as the crown of this building, “Roofwalking”. The third snapshot in May is a picture of two children playing undisturbed in a water puddle in the sunshine and summer warmth at Odense Harbor: Puddlers.

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They are large, Chrome, Steel, Leather Engines, the smell of gasoline rubber and paint. All in all the are from another time and world. Many dreams and illusions were made by them when we were kids. The American Way of Life. That’s why the tail party of t his Chevrolet Bel Air occupies this months Space.

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Still uncertain about the photo of the staircase of a Lighthouse is our picture of the year. But it definitely deserves a single position July. Lyngvig Lighthouse, White Sands, Jutland, July 2017.

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Another form of night photography: fast moving objects in low light. Here is a Cougar Transport Helicopter of the Swiss Air Force to conduct defensive maneuvers by shooting a long series of flares. Roskilde, August 2017.

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September offered a special event on Jutlands West Coast: The annual exercise where the Danish Air Force is carrying out landings with their large C-130 Hercules aircraft – on an open sandy beach. Lakolk Strand, Rømø, September 2017. The second photo i a lovely view across Langesø Lake: Langesø Castle and surrounding residential buildings.

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October’s Best does not require any presentation as it has been displayed on this site before. It is the marvelous and aged Swing Carousel at Tivoli in Copenhagen. It is set up for public only during the Halloween and Christmas Season.

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Two VIP’s enjoying the sunshine one cold but sunny autumn afternoon. Langesø, Funen, 2017.

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Those lovely lit hearts mark that Christmas is near and at the same time they conclude the year 2017 and this Best Of Compilation. Tivoli, Copenhagen, December 2017.

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Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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