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Silo Paintings: Giant Bird painted on old Grain Silo on City Island, Odense Harbor. Artist: ROA

Silo Paintings

The city’s Island in the middle of the port of Odense is known by most as an area packed with opportunities for development. An artificial beach football factory, mini golf courses, roller derby skater ramp, exhibition buildings and restaurants. Now the town’s Island has been enriched with world class artwork work, the biggest of it’s kind in Denmark. Silo Paintings!

The old grain silo on the city’s Island is with its distinctive structure a memorial of the port industry that once was. The silo is worth preserving, but since it’s no longer used to store grain, there was an obvious need to re-think its function. Therefore, partly based in Odense Municipality’s cultural action “The city is the scene” and partly by the desire to provide city residents and guests access to world class, outdoor art experiences, the silo was consigned to be used as a giant canvas.

The Artist

ROA is a Belgian street artist, known for his monumental, often black and white murals that he paints and painted in big cities around the world,  such as London, New York, Paris and Moscow. He often combines life, death, and life after death in his murals, which quickly distinguishes him amongst traditional muralists. ROA is the man behind some of street art’s biggest and most recognizable works, but even if the works are well documented, is known very little about the artist himself. ROA is referred to in the street artist circles include as “street Da Vinci”.

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