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Humpback Eye: Close-Up of the Eye of "Humpback Gunship" Sculpture by Benjamin Gilbert, Aarhus, May 2017.

Humpback Eye

The close-up capture is a Humpback Eye of stainless steel. An eye from a whale, that at first glance serves as playground for children but what upon closer examination is both: A piece of art and a playground.
The whale is a “Humpback Gunship” and it’s name is “Cherry Blossom”. It’s creator is Benjamin Gilbert an artist from Tasmania.

(Click the Photo to see it enlarged..)

Benjamin Gilbert is a member of Greenpeace and hopes that the interactive nature of his work will help people understand his anti-whaling message. With a propeller over the whale’s head and wheels under its garden and tail, the whale looks like a small combat helicopter.
“The Humpback’s bone structure has fascinated Japanese researchers for generations,” he says. “They might really want to use whales as a model to build military hardware. It’s a ridiculous sculpture about the ridiculousness of Japanese whaling. ”
The fantasy sculpture thus also brings a political message that we must take care of the endangered species.
The impressive whirlwind whale helicopter is welded plate after plate in stainless steel and weighs 400 kilos. The entire hull inside the sculpture is made of stainless steel pipes.

May be touched

The Australian artwork was definitely one of the most visited at the “Sculptures by the Sea” exposition in Aarhus. Of course: It is allowed to crawl and touch the sculpture and a lot of children of any age was taking advantage of that.
The artist wants his art to be touched and used, because everything else is hostile and arrogant. Art is only valuable when used, he believes.


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