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Panther Girl. Wall Painting through a window at Brandts Art Museum. May, 2017. FujiFilm X100T, Fujinon 23mm /f2.0

Panther Girl

“The Panther Girl” wall painting (mural), across the street from Brandts, the local Museum of Art and Visual Culture.

The Girl and the Panther is a mural by Miss Take, a Copenhagen street art artist who participated in an exhibition at Brandts in 2012.

The photo was shot from the second floor inside Brandts,  from where Panther Girl seems to be looking back at the viewer.

BRANDTS is Denmark’s first museum of art and visual culture. Ten exhibitions a year. New and classic art side by side with today’s popular images. 15,000 pieces of classic art and  international photography, films and drawings. Brandts presents some of the world’s best artists, photographers and video artists.

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