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Odense City Bridge (Bicycle Bridge), opened 2015, September 2015 Nikon D800, Tamron USD Di SP 24-70mm, f/2.8

City Bridge

A new series of Images from a recent visit to a major building site in the middle of Odense. A new Odense Landmark, changing everybody’s way to fare around town is born: A bridge across the railroad body of the nearby Main Railroad Station. With this bridge for cyclists and pedestrians a direct connection from the central city to several education sites and the residential area around Odense Harbor is established. Before this bridge, an unnecessary long and dangerous detour had to be made by everybody with errands in the area north of the Railways. The new Landmark in Odense: “Byens Bro”, the:

Odense City Bridge

  It was planned to be an important part of the city’s development because it binds town and port closer together. Before the Bridge, the newly inhabited harbor was too far off the City’s Center, especially for cyclists and pedestrians.
The need to connect urban areas north the south of the railroad was tackled by building a footbridge and let it become an attractive, effective and natural part of Odense’s urban spaces. It must be easy to use for all vulnerable road users; pedestrians and cyclists, as well as train passengers. This basic functional quality translated into a pedestrian bridge that integrates art, lighting and design and brings together these elements. In a welcoming, dynamic design that gives Odense a successful and eventful traffic solution and a prominent landmark with a long life.

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This way, the Bridge has not only become a great and safe shortcut – or connection – between city and port. It has also become a key landmark in Odense. It is built with aesthetics in mind, so that it becomes not only a functional traffic route, but also an interesting, visual experience. Both close-up and at a distance.

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