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Forms and Patterns: New Buildings on West Amager, Copenhagen - April 2015

Forms and Patterns

During my last trip to Copenhagen, i visited the Ørestaden, an area of South West Copenhagen in vivid development. Forms and Patterns:

Ørestad is a developing city area in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the island of Amager. It is expected that 20,000 people will live in Ørestad, 20,000 will study, and 80,000 people will be employed in the area. The area is being developed using the new town concept with the Copenhagen Metro as the primary public transport grid, connecting the area with the rest of Metropolitan Copenhagen.

Ørestad is noted for its attractive location and excellent infrastructure, which apart from the metro includes Øresund Railway and the Copenhagen Airport as well as the Øresund Bridge close by. The regional Øresundtrains go to Copenhagen Airport in 6 minutes, to Copenhagen Central Station in 7 minutes, and in 29 minutes to the Central Station in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city. Ørestad has once been referred to as “the largest crossroad in Scandinavia”.

But apart from excellent transport options to virtually all directions, Ørestaden is also a playground for architects. One can meet new shapes and patterns – as previously also shown here – and get an excellent impression of how cities are built in the future.

I did not have to look long to shoot some test images. A Care Center on the west side of the Island of Amager and its surroundings were the ideal location for shooting.

Forms and Patterns

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