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Giraffe. Odense Zoo, Maj 2016. Nikon D800, Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm, f/4.5-5.6 G ED


A Giraffe, exploring and scratching it’s lower parts, Odense Zoo, Maj 2016.

With its long body and throat, the giraffe is the world’s tallest animal on land.
They live in packs to help each other look out for predators. Because they are so high, they can easily detect carnivores, so adult animals rarely end up as prey. Nevertheless, giraffes are threatened animals because humans convert its habitats to the Savannah to farms, cities and roads.

These beautiful and elegant animals are hunted for their meat, coat and tails. The tail is prized for good luck bracelets, fly whisks and string for sewing beads. The coat is used for shield coverings. Habitat destruction and fragmentation are also threats to giraffe populations.

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Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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