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Fyrtøjet. H.C. Andersens Quarter, Odense, March 2016. FujiFilm X100T, ~23mm/f2.0

H.C. Andersen Quarter

Only days before the first waves of Tourists hit this town, filling the city’s lanes and alleys with life, the editor roamed H.C. Andersens Quarter to catch a few images. Having it all for my self, I followed Hans Christian Andersens footsteps around his Neighborhood in old Odense.

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Dwarf Showcase. H.C. Andersen Quarter Odense. March 2016. FujiFilm X100T, ~23mm/f2.0

Dwarf Showcase. H.C. Andersen Quarter Odense. March 2016. FujiFilm X100T, ~23mm/f2.0


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On a city walk in Hans Christian Andersen’s footsteps one will pass many places in Odense. Hans Christian Andersen’s birth place and childhood home, the cathedral where he was confirmed, the place where his mother washed clothes, the place where he fell in love with world of theater and many other places that belong to the story of Hans Christian Andersen.

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