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HDR Opera. The new Operahouse in Copenhagen. A gift from Mr. Mærks Mc Kinney Møller to the People in Denmark


I have mixed feelings about HDR technology. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. The Images become exaggerated, the colors ugly and far too blown up , all in all not worth the work i takes to get a really good HDR image. And other times you get a mind blowing image, leaving you with a simple “BULLSEYE”!! So don’t get me wrong.

Today, everybody can shoot HDR, even if the images are “fake” HDR images, shot by their smartphone or just ordinary single shot images blown to HDR-like look with applications like Adobe Photoshop Elements. Not that they are bad, even if of course – some are, but it’s just not the real thing in my opinion. However. To assess whether an HDR image is good or bad is very much a matter of taste and mood and is a little like judging paintings. Who has the competence to say “this is a bad-“- or ” this is a good one”? Right, almost nobody! That’s how it is with HDR photos. You have to appreciate them. As long as they are made with seriousness, no matter if you like them or not. That’s the beauty of it.

Here some of the editors recent work. All of them have their own history and are hand-made. Experimenting is fun. Fun to shoot as well as processing with software. Everybody with a capable camera should try shooting HDR. At least once, as it opens up for a different way of seeing things. It is indeed thrilling working with – if not “totally awesome” as my son calls these things..

(Click the Gallery to see Photos enlarged..)

© 2014 – Oliver Haas-Jensen – All Rights Reserved

Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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  1. Your pictures look really great. I think that you have a very good sense of art in photography.


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