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Cell Filters: Mirrors

Cell Filters

I don’t mind professional photographers banning pictures edited with cell filters on cell phones, and i do not discuss whether the image quality is minor to the one from heavy, expensive and advanced gear. It is probably so. Image quality however is not my primal concern when shooting with my mobile device, it’s the easiness and the instant creativity, the various and numerous choices i have access to, without the need of any photo-editing software and additional computers. It’s just there, right away, and it’s very entertaining.

For the photos in the below Gallery an App called Hipstamatic was used, offering a huge selection of different filters. Agreed, all of those images could easily be reproduced using good Photo Edit Software. But it is way easier to just use the Cell Phone in stead.

Here a collection of images shot with Hipstamatic on different Cell Phone’s throughout the years. Enjoy!

(Click the Gallery to see the Photos enlarged..)

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