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Inside the Blue Planet: A great white Shark at the National Aquarium in Copenhagen

Inside the Blue Planet

Along with the previously published photos from outside the Blue Planet, the Danish National Aquarium in Copenhagen, I will also display a few from inside the Blue Planet. This giant, impressive, interesting, colorful and vivid fish tank. With its diverse underwater environments and their associated residents, this place has more than fulfilled our expectations and has left us with many impressions about this part of the world we still know so very little about.

However, shooting Photos in such an environment is proofing rather difficult. Not only are there so many colors, there are as many shapes and different perspectives to be shown. As a photographer with a passionate preference for Black an White expressions, it was difficult to not embody these aspects in this post as well. The second, and probably the most problematic issue was, that there were rather unfavorable light conditions for photography inside the Blue Planet -as there probably are in the real world as well.

Inside the Blue Planet:

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Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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  1. Hahaha, absolutely awesome!
    I REALLY like the shark and picture number 2 very much! the fish dancing for the visitors. You’ve done it again, very nice. 🙂


    • Thank you very much for your comment. You should go there once, i can only recommend it. It is very difficult to get a good shot from those animals. Because it is not in daylight conditions, the fish are behind thick glass walls, reflecting everything standing in front of them – and the animals are moving, sometimes very fast – just not the great White…


  2. Sometimes I have an angel face like the stingray and sometimes I show the teeth like the shark.
    Great shark picture, congratulation!!!


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