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Nikkor AF VR 80-400mm1:4-5.6D

Lenstag: Your Gear belongs To You!

I always wanted to be insured for everything. If i break someone else’s gear: Insurance pays. If i get flooded in my home, and my gear is destroyed: Insurance pays. Got my gear stolen? No problem: My insurance pays! But what if all this is not good enough. What if the insurance company pays you  money, according to these famous terms you agreed with, back then, when you signed the insurance? And the amount you got is by far not sufficient to get a new piece of gear like the very rare lens you got stolen the other day? Or worse: This lens isn’t produced anymore, and you can’t get another one at all? Lenstag!

Lenstag: Your Gear belongs To You!

All popular gear producers like Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad or Olympus won’t help you with this. Not even their special-customer programs like Nikons NPU og NPS will give you a helping hand (many people are in fact asking for what exactly these services are good for – other than having a solid register for marketing campaigns…) even if a person is registered as longtime professional with every piece of gear  by type, serial number, date of purchase and so on.  Tough Luck! What the person needs is a capable and dedicated service that will literally browse the internet for it, once gear is flagged as stolen. A service where the entire collection of gear is registered, and confirmed verified by photographic evidence.

Lenstag - free theft protection for camera equipment

Lenstag – free theft protection


In many countries the law about buying stolen goods is very strict and clear. It is almost as criminal offensive to buy stolen goods as even stealing it yourself. Therefore it is very important to check all possible registers in order to find the serial numbers of a piece of gear one is about to buy from pawn shops, internet sites or even newspaper advertisement.  Once the red button “report stolen gear” is activated by the owner, it will be very easy to find gear flagged as stolen and potential buyers will hopefully refuse to purchase it. As a useful side effect, the register makes good evidence of your ownership of your gear..

Lenstag - Free theft protection - Google Chrome Plugin

Lenstag – Google Chrome Plugin


A newly introduced feature from Lenstag makes it even more interesting signing up: Lenstag Rescue

If you have at least one verified digital camera, you’ll now get notifications via email and within Lenstag if Lenstag Rescue comes across an image with metadata containing your camera’s serial number and model name. If someone copies your image from your portfolio to their blog or their portfolio, for example, it can be detected and you can be notified.


Lenstag Notification of found Photo tagged with suscribers Gear Serial Number(s) - sent by email

Lenstag Notification by Email


The Service is easy to sign up to, as a plus, owners of iOS and Android Devices can make good use of the available Apps.

You should use Lenstag if?

  • You don’t have any insurance. This service is free and is better than having absolutely no protection at all.
  • You already have insurance but want just a little extra peace of mind.
  • You collaborate with other photographers a lot or work with clients who need to know what equipment you are using.
  • You, for whatever reason, need to prove you own something without having to carry around a bunch of receipts or registration cards.
  • You buy a lot of used gear. You don’t have to be a Lenstag user to check a serial # but having the app on-hand for checking makes the process very easy. You can also use Lenstag’s text-to-check feature by texting the serial number in question to +1-415-749-9808. This works regardless of whether or not you’re registered on Lenstag.



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