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Puzzle Globe in the Dark, back lit with MagLite Torchlight

Alternative Lighting

I have been doing quite a few experiments in low light conditions during the last 2 years. Some in ordinary low light, others by night, photographing objects or sceneries by night: Capturing remaining light with long or even very long exposure timings. There are literally endless possibilities of lighting objects while photographing- which makes this discipline so exiting and interesting, as well as challenging.

One of the more exotic methods is as old as Photography itself. Before Speed- and Strobe lights, before Diffusers and  Softboxes, there was Painting with Light. This procedure has a few requirements, slightly more than just mounting the Speedlight Flash: A “Brush”: A moderately powerful source of light like a torch- or flashlight, a camera, and some kind of tripod in order to fixate the camera. Depending on the complexity of the object to shoot, the camera is set to different exposure settings. The Camera is triggered to open its shutter as long as the photographer “paints” the object with the light of the torch- or flashlight: The object is lit from different angles, different durations and different strengths of light – directly or indirect.

“Alternative Lighting: Painting with Light”

The images in this article are 2 objects lit with 2 different methods: The first one is a Globe made of Jigsaw Puzzle bricks. It is back lit with a dampened torchlight and a relatively long exposure time and low aperture ot obtain a larger depth of view: 43 seconds @ f9.

The second image is a 3,5″ Hard Drive with the top cover removed. It is lit with a ordinary flashlight during 11 seconds. Here it was important not to get too many reflections from the disk and to obtain a uniform lighting throughout the whole area. Shutter time: 11 seconds @ Aperture f5.6.

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Alternative Lighting: Interior of a Broken Hard Drive - Lit with MagLite Torchlight

Alternative Lighting: Interior of a Broken Hard Drive – Lit with MagLite Torchlight


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Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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  1. Really cool.
    I like globe puzzle kinda thing really much, how it’s possible to see the light though the ”space”, and how it is in focus with the black background. Really nice.
    And the HDD is good as well, i think the light is just where it should be, and its even better how its the only thing i can see in the picture. Thumbs up. 🙂


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