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Forms and Patterns: New Buildings on West Amager, Copenhagen - April 2015

Ørestad Nursing Center

More Forms, more modern Architecture. The Ørestad Nursing Center on West Amager, southwest of Central Copenhagen. With it’s Forms and Patterns, combined with it’s surroundings, this site is a source of inspiration on how to form future living space and architecture.  This new part of the Copenhagen surroundings is an area of constant change and development and a visit is highly recommended.

From the owners website:

It is a colorful house, where functionality is thought out in the smallest detail, for both disabled and elderly residents, as well as for the staff, but also the homeliness and the cozy atmosphere are at the forefront. With the flexible free space on the ground floor, which can be used for café and joint activities, there is also the opportunity for good social relations between the residents.

Ørestad Care Center is an exciting house, highlighted by fresh colors and characteristic balconies, balconies that elegantly combine functionality – shades for sunlight and allow daylight to escape – and architecture. The care center also has a very good location next to Amager Fælled and at the same time close to Copenhagen via the Metro, only 12 minutes to Kongens Nytorv from Vestamager station, a stone’s throw away.

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