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Seahouse, Brydegård Beach, Funen, Denmark, April 2015


Seahouse is is an abandoned shed on the south-western coast of Fuenen, a place the editor enjoys visiting for hiking and running. A place, charming, calm and peaceful in nice weather conditions – and frightening, dangerous and mind-clearing during roaring storms.

The image was created using a vintage, newly repaired and restored lens, a Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AI-s, the editor inherited from his father. All work is done manually, which is why the editors poor eyesight is to blame for eventual lack of sharpness.

Abandoned buildings exist in a zone between life and death. They are dark shadows of their former self – reduced to dusty remnants with a ghostly aura and a disturbing mood. Dig down under the neglect, and you will find an inexplicable beauty that is clear to those who dare let go of their curiosity.

© 2015 – Oliver Haas-Jensen, All Rights Reserved

Swiss expat, living in the green middle of Denmark since 1992. Family man, amateur photographer and editor of this site. I publish my photographic work from exploring my surroundings, travels and events i attend to in order to share it with the visitors of this site. Welcome to Olivers Film Roll.

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