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Sortehusene: Tar paper, recycled timber, paint and glass: Fishermans Cottages along Odense Canal. June 2015 FujiFilm X100T, 23mm, f/2.0


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Just a few kilometers from Central Odense City, direction North, along the Odense Channel towards Odense Fjord to the Kattegat, there is the Peninsula Stige Ø.

The hilly Stige Ø (“Ladder Island”) is man-made. It was established during the excavations for Odense Canal in the years 1797-1803. The builders left the excavated material on the flat beaches. This way, protective barriers were formed to act as dams in order to prevent flooding. But as the channel was deepened, new material was accumulated and the dams evolved into an elongated island, which for many years was used as a vacation spot. The visitors took the Channel Ferry, or sort of Vaporetto, from Odense to Klintebjerg and stood off at Stige Ø, where they ate their lunch or visited the island’s bathing pavilion.

On this very Peninsula, there is a small village of huts, called “Sortehusene“, theblack houses”.

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This cottage village was founded in 1906, and eventually grew out large and wide with over 70 houses. It was initially fishermen and hunters and later also other groups with a penchant for a cheap refuge, which hammered driftwood, tar paper and other available, cheap materials along to this little place, which was never approved, but accepted.

Injunctions and prohibitions could not kill the spirit, and cottage town is preserved as a sanctuary for the citizens of Odense which tends more to the primitive life by the fjord than to the luxurious life at the five-star camping or on a charter trip to the Southern sun.

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