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Leica, M9 Hermes Edition

The perfect gift to a photographers wife

Since my grandfather i was found of Leica Cameras. I have never owned one, but i wouldn’t hesitate to purchase one the day the right occasion comes. Leica is not just another camera! Leica has a very long tradition for it’s quality, it’s innovation (Leica invented the system known as “Autofokus” as well as Leica invented the 35mm format for cameras) and it’s unique and outstanding designs. It is truly German precision and innovation at it’s best, in fact since 1849: LEI(tz) CA(mera).

Since digital cameras have conquered photography, Leica have been following up with many models but i have always admired one of their latest creations, the Leica M9 or the Leica M9-P. It is a little camera, compared to other full-frame cameras, which is a feature i appreciate very much: It IS in fact world smallest full frame camera! No fancy features other than taking pictures of very high quality, “sophisticated image processing”  as the brochure states, minimalist and intuitive styling. Unbreakable when handled correctly. What beauties! But: Very expensive, i thought. A Leica M9-P costs app. $ 7.700.-!

And then i found this. The perfect gift for any camera (Leica-) aficionado – or his wife: The Leica M9-P Hermes Limited Edition. Even if people like me never get just near such a beauty, it is still pure and outstanding eye-candy to watch the pictures and the video i post here:

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