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Patterns. Weathered Tree Stum at Hindsgavl Dyrehave, Middelfart, May 2015

Wooden Sculptures

On a hike through the vast Park around Hindsgavl Castle / Manor / Estate, I found a few very old Tree Stumps, laying in a row along a path. Fascinated of those old and withered, wooden giants, i had to shot a series of them. Capturing their decomposition, their textures and their shapes and how they pass as regular sculptures in the open. Sheltering unknown amounts of animals, fungus and plants today, they all might have disappeared in months or years.

Today, Hindsgavl is owned by the municipality of Middelfart on the Island of Funen, Denmark. There are certainly many stories to tell about this remarkable place. According to history books, the first time the mansion was mentioned, was in the Danish register of manors and estates by King Valdemar II in 1231. However, apart from presenting a few photos of Tree Stumps – and of course recommending this beautiful place with it’s vast and old forests (-and large deer population!) for visitors – I do not intend to write a dissertation on the history of this place. But it is most definitely worth a visit, any time of the year.

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