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Train Wrecks: Scrapped and abandoned Steam Locomotive. Gørlev, Sjælland, August 2015 Nikon D800, Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm, f/2.8G ED

Train Wrecks

Motivated by a TV Broadcast about Train Wrecks, I traveled to Gørlev, a small town on western Sjælland. The Broadcast showed an old, overgrown, very scrapped and rusty Steam Locomotive. Besides that, other train components, preferably Boxcars, or Freight Wagons. Ideally,  this would be a perfect setup to shoot a few Photos: Old, abandoned Train, overgrown by Weeds and Bushes. Photographing the locomotive turned out to be an outspoken challenge: She was put to rest on an outer rail track, sandwiched between trees, bushes and weeds and Freight Wagons and Boxcars. Difficult to get a straight picture without an ultra-wide lens. Even more challenging was the fact that the session had to be done against the rising sun.

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A little curiosity: Local citizens revealed that this locomotive was the one used in a few scenes of the highly popular, danish TV-Series “Matador“. The series follows life in a Danish provincial town between 1929 and 1947.Some research confirmed the assertion: The Steam Engine is DSB Litra D826, Almost unrecognizable, given the state she is in, but easy to define a few points of recognition.

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